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Privacy Policy

August 13th, 2018

Victoria Amanda Spa.
Avenida Nueva Providencia 1881, depto. #2303,

Providencia, Region Metropolitana,

Santiago de Chile (7500000)

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Privacy Policies 

  1. About your rights. Victoria Amanda keeps your personal information protected, as it has a SSL certificate to protect your privacy and personal information, that information includes your phone numbers, billing or shipping addresses and your credit card information. No data is going to be shared or collected, it is going to be used only to process your order. Victoria Amanda took of her own shoes and is wearing now your shoes , to understand you and make you feel at home and beloved. Remember that you can access to your personal data, correct it and/or delete it if you want. If you don’t feel able to do it by your own, write to Victoria Amanda mailing, and ask for it. Write to .
  2.  About user content. Victoria Amanda uses social networks to reach the community of followers and expand thinking about well-being, beauty and the absence of distances to appreciate art. Just to participate in the networks, Victoria Amanda needs your permission to share your photos on social networks, with the purpose of making the Victoria Amanda community grow. If you do not agree with that, Victoria Amanda respects your privacy and thought.
  3. About Victoria Amanda rights. Currently the company is governed by the free economy, which is regulated by the internal tax service of the Chilean state ( SSI ) and at the same time by the free criteria of Victoria Amanda, which always respects the transparency in its sales and in the quality of the product and workforce.
  4. About custom jobs. Victoria Amanda loves the neighbor and at the same time feels that she deserves to be loved by all, that is why she has created a service to please the user based on personalized works, where the client chooses the thread colors , design and / or stones, if the requirements of the client are not of the scope of Victoria Amanda, she will in turn be able to recognize, deny and communicate requests based on a design subsequent to the request made.
  5. The privacy content will be modified over time. Thanks for reading.


Victoria Amanda Echeverria Fuentes.

+56 9 9 578 7008

Craft-woman, Entrepreneur-woman,

Victoria Amanda Founder and Owner.

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